Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dragon fight - Third play test

I ran another solo play-test for Dragon Fight 2.

This time I played the Large Green vs the Night Fox. Both 30 pt designs, but the Big Green looks like more Dragon for your points. Night Fox's smaller Body Dice meant he got to use Agile manoeuvres. Big Green had to stick with more stately Soaring and Banking.
As it was Night Fox's Breath was pretty ineffective compared to Strike. I really need to look at the Flaming Breath rules...

Changes this time,

  • I rolled a single Wings dice at the beginning of each Round for Precedence and Movement Points. 
  • I used gaining or losing Speed when Climbing or Diving to modify start of round Wings roll's. 
  • I made Tight Turns [60'-90'] an Agile Manoeuvre.

Night Fox got lucky on the starting Height Band rolling a double 2 for HB = 8 (2 +6)
Big Green rolled a 3 and a 1 for HB = 3

Big Green.    Started at position 6, Height Band  = 3
Body:  D10  +1
Wings: D8  +1
Strike:  D8  +1
Defence:     +1
Breath:   -

Night Fox.       Started at position 1, Height Band  = 8
Body:   D6  +1
Wings:  D8  +1
Strike:  D6  +1
Defence:    +1
Breath:  D6

Night Fox's Height advantage gave him Precedence for the first two rounds whilst Big Green soared for more height. As Green had to climb he was losing Speed each round which effected his initial Wings rolls. Even so for the first four Rounds, Big Green got more MP and as he was using a D10 template he moved much further than Night Fox's D6 template. Both Dragons circled gaining height.

On Round 3 Green won Precedence. Fox went on the offensive performing a Wingover to dive into Breath range of the larger Dragon. Fox rolled a 1 for Breath +1 for Speed gain, which Green shrugged off with a Body roll of 9. Green was now at HB 7 whilst Fox was back down to HB 8.

On Round 4 Green won Precedence again. Fox swooped in for a Strike rolling a 4 which Green shrugged off again with Defence of 1 and a Body roll of 5. This time Green made four Turns to bring him into Striking range of Fox. Green's Strike roll of 4 less 1 defence  was just beaten by Fox's Body roll of 4.

On Round 5 Night Fox won precedence again. As it was getting near going home time, Green curved off to head back for his lair. Fox chased after and struck rolling a 6+1 for 7 damage. Green Countered rolling 3+1 for 4 damage. Both dragon's Defence took one off the damage, Fox rolled a 3 for body equalling the damage. Green rolled a 3 meaning a major wound, then a location roll of 1 for a head wound. Fox wins by a knockout!

Interesting game as the two dragons appeared mis matched at first. Big Green came over as rather lazy relying on his greater size to intimidate, while Night Fox showed a real aggressive streak. 
Flaming Breath has been totally ineffective in all the play tests so far. I may have to go back to the machine gun rules from Fokker Fodder.


  1. I like the look of those kite templates for movement. Neat idea!

    1. Thank you. They seem to work quite well combining movement distances and turn angles in a single relatively simple mechanism. I keep thinking of other uses for them too, Arc of fire for example.