Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Slammer vs Bolt Action ?

At my local Games club last week, I was watching a game of Bolt Action,  28mm WW2 skirmish(?). Russians and Germans fighting through a village on a crossroad. 

Lots of pretty toys and very nice terrain. It seemed to play quickly with a minimal reference sheet and a bucket load of funny dice. The apparently random initiative and lack of overwatch or reaction to enemy movement seemed very strange to me. Also the shooting ranges seemed very short for the figure scale. I got the impression that a MG couldn't shoot from one end of a cottage to the other!

It's got me hankering to re-try Slammer S.M.L.E. I don't know if I can persuade my club comrades to try my rules but I suspect it would give them a very different game. 
With that in mind I have started reappraising SMLE and may have an updated version or work in progress up here soon.

I took Grandson Logan (12 yo) to the club last Tuesday evening.
We played Dragon Fight,
He won.

Now he wants to try WH40K...

Where did I go wrong ?!!


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