Sunday, 14 June 2015

Armies from the attic - Fantasy Rules!

Years ago when I last played tabletop wargames, one of my favourite systems was Chipco's Fantasy Rules. This is a very versatile rules set that allow players to create and customise their own armies from a range of different units and characters. I have three armies that got regular games, the Honest Orcs even got a couple of away matches and did pretty well in competition.
I got them out of the attic and set them up at the games club for a photo session. They seem to have survived fairly well but the bases could do with some refurbishment.

Here are the infamous Honest Orcs assembled en-masse.

1000pt FR!2

Orc General with Taunt and Army Standard;
1x Wizard L2 in Heavy Chariot
6x Black Orc Spears with Bowfire;
4x Hobgoblin hand weapons;
2x Elite Ogre (Strong but Stupid) hand weapons;
6x Goblin Wolf-riders Light Cavalry;
2x Traps, deploy to impede movement;

Wizard Prang in his Heavy Chariot of DOOM;

Two traps: These were both made by Tom Pope.

Great Grey Green Greasy Limpopo Lizardman army.
This is a mob heavy army. FR! allows armies to mass some units into larger juggernauts. These move and fight as a single formation.
The Lizardmen have two 2x3 mob Juggernauts as their core formation giving them a very solid centre.

Lizard general with Army Standard;
Lizardman Hero;
Lizard Wizard Shaman (Druid L2);
Two 2x3 Mob Juggernauts;
4x Skirmishers (attached to the Juggernauts);
6x Lizardmen Handweapons;
2x Dinosaur Riders (Small Monsters);
4x Lizardmen Heavy Cavalry;

Mob Juggernauts + attached bows and characters:

The Eastern Empire.

This army has a heavy cavalry bias backed up by strong infantry, artillery and shooters.

General with army Standard;
Cleric with Holy Hand Grenade (one use only);
4x Iron Dragons Heavy Cataphract Lancers (Knights);
3x Red Griffons  Heavy Cavalry;
3x Petcheneg Light Cavalry;
4x Varangian Dwarves, Hand Weapons Heavy armour;
4x Skirmishers;
1x Heavy Artillery;

The Varangian Dwarven Guard + their mighty bolt lobber:

Light Cavalry and Skirmishers:

These figures are all based on 40mm frontage so I can use them for Hordes of the Things too.

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