Friday, 5 June 2015

Gathering my armies

Scrabbling around in the attic last night, I found my 15mm Fantasy armies (there was a minor panic when I couldn't find the lizardmen). Also a Ratman army I'd forgotten about including their heroic general 'Joolius Cheezer'. I have the figures for at least three Fantasy Rules! 1000pt armies and loads of Hordes of the Things HoTT armies. 
They need some reorganising and some of the bases would benefit from a bit of flock. 
There were also my 6mm Orc armies for HoTT and most of my SF mico-tank armies. The OGRE MKIII is still MIA, (should I be worried ?)
And my WW2 micro tanks 
and my spaceships 
and my 15mm SF Lizardmen, Aliens and Stormtroopers.Now I need players...

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  1. I have found the OGRE and my missing rules all put away in the corner of the loft when we moved to this house.